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West Coast Veterinary Hospital provides general and specialist care for horses.

  • Advanced Equine Imaging:  Our hospital is proud to offer Western Australia's only veterinary nuclear scintigraphy and MRI service a long with radiography and ultrasound. 
    Nuclear Scintigraphy - also known as 'bone scanning' is a process used in horses to diagnose lamenesses. Nuclear Scintigraphy is the only way to reliably investigate upper limb lameness, horse's that cannot be nerved blocked or have complex multiple limb lameness. It is extremely safe with no general anaesthesia required.

  • MRI: Stationary MRI is the standard of excellence recognised worldwide as the correct way to scan anatomy without compromising image quality. The o-scan equine covers imaging of the foot, pastern, fetlock, high suspensory, carpus and tarsus regions of the equine limb. The o-scan equine is the ideal MRI to clearly distinguish between bone edema, ligaments and tendons ensuring accurate imaging, through excellent contrast resolution and image quality; essential for optimal diagnosis.

  • Stables: Our hospital has been designed to manage a large case load with 16 stalls in total three of which have access to fluids. These include;
    - 2 Large mare and foal stabled with rubber floor, walls, fans and foal cage
    - 4 Indoor stables with rubber flooring
    - 3 Indoor stables 
    - 1 Equine Isolation stable
    - 6 Undercover large sand mare and foals yards


  • Theatre and recovery stalls: The equine theatre is world class, designed with two recovery stalls to handle emergency cases. The rubber recovery stalls are equiped with monitoring cameras to keep an eye on our equine patients at all times of recovery from surgery.

  • Standing Surgery: The standing surgery is an isolated standing crush for equine surgeries such as laparoscopic oviduct application for breeding mares, standing arthroscopy, wound and fracture repairs and sinus surgery. 

  • Lameness and exam areas: Our hospital is designed with multiple lameness assessment areas with a variety of surfaces including, soft trot up lane, hard trot up lane and lunge round yard. All these variables with allow our vets to exam your horses lameness as best as possible. 

  • Reproduction Barn: The newest development to our hospital is the reproduction barn and breeding lab. Set apart to the hospital itself is 6 large, safe, undercover sand yards. Your mare and foals will be relaxed in the open design with ample room and cool for the warmer months of the years. Mare and foal crush, frozen semen storage tanks and lab make up the remainder of our breeding barn.


  • Consult Rooms: West Coast Coast Veterinary Hospital has three large consult rooms. These rooms provide our staff with the ability to closely examine your beloved pets and discuss any health concerns you may have.

  • Surgery: Our hospital has two surgical theaters. Both surgical suites feature all the latest anaesthetic and patient monitoring equipment including blood pressure, ECG, temperature and oxygen monitoring.

  • X-ray: Our hospital is equipped with a digital radiography machine. Having this equipment available means our veterinarians can quickly diagnose injuries to ensure our patients are given the best opportunity for recovery.

  • Treatment Rooms: The treatment room is where all the action takes place. From here, we have access to our theaters, lab, pharmacy and proximity to all our patients.

  • Dog / Greyhound Ward: Our newly built dog ward is equipped with seven large kennels ideal for patient recovery. These kennels have been purpose-designed to ensure the comfort of our patients. 


West Coast Vets now have a fully enclosed dog training enclosure available for hire for breed groups and dogs needing a safe environment to get off the lead. 

Puppy preschool classes will be starting soon and we invite enquiries to

More details to come soon

Dog safe enclosure

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