West Coast Vets are proud to offer farm animal services. Alpacas, pigs, goats, cattle, birds and everything in between can be seen by our experienced veterinarians. Emergency services such as Caesarean sections can also be performed after-hours if required. On-road services as well as in-hospital consults are available

  • Obstetrics (Caesarean)

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Wounds

  • Medical emergencies

  • Fractures

  • Urinary tract blockages

  • Egg bound birds

  • Tusk trimming

  • General surgery


​We love treating all creatures great and small! 
This poor steer presented with a very nasty jaw fracture. Dr. Garnett and Dr. Maxwell were able to repair the injury with the use of orthopaedic wires and many sutures. 
He has made a full recovery following this injury and is now a very happy young man.


​This week's case study is a particularly adorable one - meet Zanzibar the 3 month old alpaca! This little guy presented to our hospital after sustaining a severe fracture of his hindlimb. This particular fracture involved the 3rd and 4th fused metatarsal bones, which are equivalent to the cannon bone in the horse. The fracture was carefully repaired under general anaesthesia using an orthopaedic plate and screws. He then spent 5 days in hospital on strict bed rest and cuddles, before heading home with his devoted owner to continue his recovery. Zanzibar is doing great, and has a bright future ahead in the show ring. Next stop, the Perth Royal Show!


​Just like foals, calves can get joint infections. This little girl has had both knees flushed surgically and injected with antibiotics. West Coast Vets deals with all species and we love our cattle.


​Horny goat? Our vets recently faced a challenging farm animal case involving a horny goat! Poor Lucy developed cystic structures on her ovaries which caused her to feel constantly randy. She was perpetually licking, nuzzling and mounting her friends. As you’d expect, her human and animal companions soon got tired of this sort of behaviour and gave us a call. Lucy’s abnormal ovaries were diagnosed using ultrasound and blood tests, and the problem organs were removed earlier this week. She is making a fantastic recovery and we are thrilled to report that her ‘horniness’ is already beginning to improve.


Tumour removal on a cow, using local anesthetic performed in the stocks.


Eye removal on a emu after a dog attack. 


Pig spey.

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Puppy preschool now running!