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In-Silver Spray on bandage

In-Silver is a convenient and water-resistant aerosol aluminium bandage used as a protective barrier against external irritants on simple wounds (minor cuts and abrasions), in small and large animals.


In-Silver water-resistant and adhesive properties make it an effective alternative to bandaging active animals or those hard to reach places, making it a must have for your medical kit.

To inspect the wound, In-Silver can be easily removed with warm soapy water.

Reapplication should occur daily to every 3 days to ensure an optimal bacterial barrier is maintained until healed.

In-Silver Spray on bandage

  • Benefits of In-Silver:

    • Fast, easy and painless spray application
    • Excellent adhesion
    • Water-resistant
    • Easily washed off with warm soapy water
    • Allows wound to oxygenate to aid healing
    • Helps shrink body tissue and limit bleeding
    • Can be applied over the top of other topical ointments and applications
    • Acts as protective barrier to safeguard wound from bacterial contamination (dirt, moisture & insects) reducing risk of infection
    • Can be used safely on horses, dogs, cats, poultry and other farm animals

    Directions For Use:

     Shake well before use. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the wound before application. Apply a thin layer of In-Silver to the wound area. Repeat daily to every 3 days or as directed by a veterinarian.

    In-Silver does not contain sulfa or antibiotics, making it safe to use on animals intended for consumption.

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