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Recharge 1L

RECHARGE is a sports drink for horses that rapidly restores blood electrolyte and fluid levels following exercise, travelling and sweat loss. Especially formulated to counteract fatigue and dehydration after heavy sweat loss, RECHARGE replaces the essential salts, plus glucose to facilitate the uptake of fluids and salts into the bloodstream. Recharge stimulates thirst, encouraging water intake after administration. 

Beneficial for:

  • Fluid and body salt replacement after exercise.
  • Encourages drinking at competition.
  • Rapid recovery after travelling.

Why use Recharge? 

  • Handy portable pack to administer at shows/events
  • Apple flavoured - can be mixed in water or squirted over the back of the tongue.
  • Contains glucose for energy and rapid absorption of electrolytes.
  • Combats dehydration/electrolyte loss immediately - no need to wait until the next feed to restore normal electrolyte levels.
  • The only horse sports drink"on the market specifically designed for horses!

Recharge 1L

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