Revolution Plus 5.1-10kg 3's

Revolution Plus Green for large cats weighing between 5.1kg and 10kg is an easy to use, monthly spot-on treatment that protects your pet from fleas, ticks, heartworm, major intestinal worms and ear mites. Revolution Plus kills adult fleas as well as their eggs and larvae to break the lifecycle of fleas in the environment, protecting your cat for an entire month.

  • Revolution PLUS is a convenient monthly-spot-on offering the protection cats need
  • Revolution PLUS has a unique dual action formula that is twice as tough on fleas and mites and offers even broader protection – including the deadly paralysis tick
  • Revolution PLUS is low volume and quick drying; no oily residue left on cat, on hands or in the home

Recommendations for Use:

  • For the treatment, control and the prevention of fleas (Ctenocephalides spp.), for the treatment and control of paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus), roundworm (Toxocara cati), hookworm (Ancyclostoma tubaeforme), ear mites (Otodectes cynotis), and biting lice (Felicola subrostratus), and the prevention of heartworm disease (Dirofilaria immitis) in cats.

Key Features:

  • Unique dual action formula that is twice as tough on fleas and mites and offers even broader protection, including the deadly paralysis tick
  • 100% reduction in adult flea counts for 35 days, kills fleas before they can lay eggs (interrupting the flea lifecycle) and decreases flea allergy dermatitis
  • Kills paralysis ticks before toxicity can take hold
  • Ideal for cats in higher risk flea and tick areas in addition to those that weight more than 7.5kg
  • Trusted protection against heartworm, roundworm, hookworm and lice

Revolution Plus 5.1-10kg 3's


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